23 October 2005

Madonna and I

I used to think I was gay. Until I hit puberty and my body came out - a girl! I'd never noticed until then. Even though I spent more time with the girls in school than the boys, I still felt that whenever I was staring at them (i.e. the boys) I really shouldn't be... I secretly listened in on news relating to gays, because nobody had to know that was me, right?

Even at uni - obviously not the most feminine of girls (never knew what make-up was, still don't!) - people would often think I was gay. Only - they would think I was a lesbian... Until they got to know me better and found out that I really, really like boys. (Now, I'm not talking man-eating here, far from it, mostly man-watching!)

I've always wanted to be a mum, though, and now I've been blessed with five - and a gorgeous husband! - I do feel I'm on the right shelf (or whatever it's called), but I still prick up my ears when I hear the word 'gay', as if I was mentioned by name.

I guess that's one of very few things Madonna and I have in common (if she really did say this, that is!) - 'I'm a fag trapped in a girl's body'...

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