24 October 2005


My printer / scanner / xerox / fax has ceased to be. At least for the time being. I was vacuum cleaning yesterday (see, I knew I shouldn't have been!) and at some point I bumpted into the chord to said machine and - wooops - system shutdown. Nothing.

Yes, I have tried re-connecting the chords. De- and replug everything in the vicinity. Tried searching and installing anew. Alas, nothing. And I had this really great post going on, that just needed some photos. (I can tell you're all holding your breaths. The excitement... Now - breathe! You can't take such long breathing pauses. Really, guys!)

Well, I mailed off to our computer wiz, maybe he comes up with an excellent idea. Or maybe I'll just have to buy a new chord. Probably easiest. And quickest.

At least now I've got a good reason not to vacuum clean again :)


riannan said...

Save that post! We had a power outage, probably due to fringes of that damned hurricane Wilma. Only a few minutes, but enough to cause me to lose a post I had not saved. Oh well. I'll write it again. You too, if you need to, eh?

Børge Skråmestø said...

The good thing about not vacuum cleaning is that after a while it doesn't get worse.

Sam said...