30 October 2006

Correct celebration

It's unmistakably drawing nearer, Halloween...

Norwegians only started celebrating this 5-6 years ago, I think. And according to an American woman (in our local paper) we're doing it all wrong.. Apparently, we're breaking the .... unwritten laws of Halloween celebration:

1. We've (I use the term "we" loosely, as I've never been anywhere near such celebration...) been celebrating on the nearest Saturday. To avoid keeping the kids up late on a weekday, but still - horribly wrong.

Drawing: The Grim Sower. Loved it...
2. Kids up to and including teenagers go trick-and-treating. The older ones are supposed to stay indoors and party.

3. If not given treats, Norwegian kids will play tricks on said (sad..) person. Viz. by throwing eggs on the windows (which is really hard to wash off!) and / or wrapping toilet paper around the nearest shrubbery. I know, they're bad bad kids... (No, we haven't actually denied anyone sweets. But when the quads were smaller we kept the house dark and quiet to avoid people ringing the doorbells and waking the kids up. Bad karma. Lots of eggs.)

She didn't even mention that we have no idea what it's about. We have had All Saints' Eve too, but never any celebration of it other than in church. And what's the pumpkin got to do with anything?

While we're at it, I hasten to utter my sincerest apologies for our celebrating Christmas on December 24th. This is clearly wrong and in violation with the unwritten (American) laws of celebration too. I can't promise not to keep this tradition up, though.

The Swedes always celebrate Midsummer's Eve on the nearest Saturday. So they'll have plenty of time celebrating. Norwegians tend to laugh at them - because even if we don't get a day off, a lot of Norwegians spend the evening totally sloshed in a boat or on a beach somewhere, and therefore inexplicably have to call in ill the next day... See? Day off after all... (I, for one, wouldn't mind the nearest Saturday thing, but then I'm 1/8 Swedish and don't drink much, so I'm disqualified of any opinion on this...)

Now, next we'll start celebrating Thanksgiving. What for, noone will know, but hey - at least we all get to dress up like turkeys! ;)

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