09 October 2006

Note to passers-by

There's been a lot of snoozing lately. A lot of it.

Now there's marginally less of it.

There has been little coughing.

Now there's fractionally more.

There has been no working.

Now there is some.

There has been vain whispers of joy at the kilos passing.

Now there's a whispered sigh as at least 3 of them has returned. Thanks, Violet, gee, thought I was onto something there, worried I was actually losing weight ;)

There has been no new posts lately.

Now there is one...

- And thanks for all the well-wishes! It seems to have worked. Keep it coming, and I might post again. This week. Promise.


Anonymous said...

Sleeping is good. There has been an awful virus going around. It seems to last for three weeks. We are marking our calendar in this house, because finally we are all three healthy.

"D" said...

glad you are feeling a bit better. Being sick stinks! They say men are babies when they are sick but honestly, I am SUCH a whiner. I hope you had some good lovin' care and will be 100% soon!

Devil Mood said...

Ok, you need some time to get back to your usual full-energy-mode, so we understand.
Take it easy, okay? :)

Merujo said...

You poor thing - glad you're feeling a bit better! I slept much of our long holiday weekend, in solidarity with you. :-)

Continue to feel better, ok?