10 October 2006

Grown-ups say the darndest things

To parents of multiplets, at least... Some things are fun, some are weird, and some are vile. Here's a few, on "shuffle", and these are true stories:

- they're twins? Are they both yours??

- if one of them dies, will you be really sad? (sic! Someone really said that...)

- you don't have to populate the earth on your own!
(Said mostly humorously - but one mother of triplets, while expecting another baby and wheeling her triplets in a pram, were almost physically attacked by someone uttering this. That they were as surprised as the next man, finding how they were suddenly pregnant after 11 years of trying, and decided to keep it, didn't somehow find its way into the conversation...)

- howadorableandtheyalllookcompletelyalike!
(Most had had this thrown at them, disregarding the fact they & we have un-identical multiplets, boys / girls, bright-haired / brown-haired... People see "lots of kids", people think "identical". Funny, really.)

- you poor things! Now I can't complain, at least, I've only got [fill in fewer kids]!
(Was I complaining? And anyway, yes, you can - being deprived of sleep, having things thrown at you, changing another diaper - these things can tire you out even if you've only got 1 child..)


"D" said...

good golly. what HAS our society come to? Can you ever reply, "oh, I stole them all from unattended cars and now I'm raising them for prostitution!" just to see their expressions?

Merujo said...

Oh man! Some people just don't know when to stick a cork in it, do they? The one who made the comment about "if one of them dies"? That's someone who deserves a swift kick in the patoot.

My mom used to get similar stuff, although she did not have any multiple births, just a gaggle of kids. People used to say some really outrageous stuff to her.