13 October 2006

Once a year, and once again

Once a year, the whole world (more or less...) listen to Norway - and that was today at 11 AM, local time, when the winner of the Nobel Peace Prize was announced.

And once again, it was someone I'd never heard of... Which says a lot more about me than about him, 'cause I'm sure you all knew all about him already! But just in case you didn't, you can learn some more about Mr. Muhammad Yunus' winning here.


Violet said...

His name didn't ring a bell with me either, but after looking at the article I do vaguely remember seeing something on the telly about his bank. It sounds like a wonderful thing he did.

Ken Liffiton, Grameen Foundation said...

Thanks for posting this excellent news of Muhammad Yunus' honor. At Grameen Foundation, we're excited to see the word spread about microfinance, as we're working to bring the Grameen Bank microfinance model to the poorest of the poor around the world. Bloggers have played a substantial role in building awareness and we're glad to have your support. For those new to microfinance: Learn more about microfinance and a bit about what we do to help the poor worldwide. For more details on the Grameen Bank in Bangladesh, Muhammad Yunus has published the very useful Grameen Bank at a Glance.

Mum said...

Well done, Kathrine! here you are spreading the news around the world, and you are introducing Grameen Bank to lots who never knew.
I can tell you there was one in Lofoten already 15 (?)ys ago! - also Muhammed Yunus was there!
Proud of you!
Only one question: How did the foundation find out about your blog, I wonder?
Love, Mum