19 October 2006

No more 'Beckham of the baize'

I wasn't going to post anything about this, it makes me too sad. But then I found this image - it was created 3 years ago, but is eerily topical..

Paul Hunter, one of my snooker favourites, died from cancer last Monday, 5 days before his 28th birthday, leaving behind a wife and baby girl. He'd been fighting cancer for the past 19 months.

I knew he was ill, but was somehow sure he'd make it. I didn't know him, I've never seen him play live. And now I never will. It's making me so very sad, much sadder than I thought I'd be. It's never fair when someone dies, especially not his age.

Here's to all the great matches he gave us!



Chloe said...

I didn't know him but i went to his site and saw his photos with his baby and wife. He was just a boy, it is very sad. Hugs xxx

Mark said...

Rose-lipt maidens, lightfoot lads...