30 October 2006

Birthday Celebrations. We either love them or hate them!

Another Tuesday tale - very topical this time, don't you think, Merujo...?

Tell me about your birthday this year
Well, it hasn't been yet, so it's a bit hard... But it's coming up shortly, and there'll be 8 of us (girlfriends) going to the studio recording of the Norwegian version of Have I Got News for You. It'll be great fun (I know, I've been there 8 times before...), and afterwards we'll go out to eat somewhere. That is, if I remember to reserve a table. Soon...

What is your best birthday memory?
Well, let's see. I went through a few birthdays last year. My favourite, though? The next one. Always the next one.

What is your worst?
My 18th wasn't that great, as I had to work all day and finish a dissertation and only through the corner of my eye watch my friends having cake. (What? Start the work before the last due date? Sorry, don't understand the concept. Brain overload.)

What was your favourite present?
Hmm. I want to say my iPod, but that was for Christmas. And I want to say the trip to Berlin, but that was for my sister's birthday. Then I want to say the exquisite tape recorder amplifier thing - but that was my morning gift after the wedding (yes, those were the days of cassette recorders. And I've never been one for jewellery...) So - which one? Surprise me!

Your least favourite?
If there ever was an unwanted or unpleasant gift I've repressed that long ago. I remember nothing but nice gifts... (I'll let you know Friday if it holds true!)

Photo: I don't actually know if this is my 3rd or 4th birthday. Still, I think the yellow suit is, erh, just beautiful, mum, simply stunning...


Julie said...

Du var fryktelig lik Mathias pa det bildet ;D
Vakker gul dress ma jeg si =D

Violet said...

What a good meme. It's got me thinking about my birthdays.