30 October 2006

A grand night out indeed!

(Admittedly not such a grand cell phone photo opportunity, but it may give you a vague idea..)

What can I say? Bo Kaspers Orkester - though the name sounds a bit dubious (like one of those unmentionable Swedish bands that play accordion and all wear the same suits and sickening smiles), they're absolutely fabulous!
Here, bass player Micke's playing guitar, as is lead singer Bo Kasper. Drummer is playing bass, guitarist is playing drums, and outside the photo the piano player is on another guitar. I believe the trumpeter was still on his trumpet, though.

The extremely civilized crowd (part of it)... The house was full, meaning 1200 people were jammed in. I'd say there were about 60 % males, and about 75 % (well) above 30. And we were all so civilized that a band from any Americas or Southern Europe would have left halfway through, believing we hated them and / or had fallen asleep. But being fellow Scandinavians, the band recognized our enthusiasm through our half smiles and our polite applause. When real ecstatic, some even ventured stomping their feet and / or wolf whistling. The nerve ;)

The vocalist claimed, with apparent sincerity, that they'd been looking forward to their only gig in Norway this autumn. He also said that they'd voted against a support band because they had so many songs they wanted to play...They played for almost 2 1/2 hours, including 2 encores, so we believed him. Eventually, we even reached the last boat home (1.30), not bad!

And for those who asked - the video in the previous post is from this album, and there are others well worth listening too! If you read Swedish you may as well visit their homepage...

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Devil Mood said...

I'm glad you enjoyed yourself :) I never heard of them, naturally but...they sound interesting.
I can't keep track of all your posts sometimes :P