04 October 2006

un-fun exercise (but it works)

- Start feeling cold at work. Very cold. Borrow a woollen jacket from somebody.
- Start feeling dizzy. Decide to go home early. Sleep on the way home*.
- Go straight to bed. Sleep for 24 hours, only waking up every now and then because you shiver so much. Get hubby / significant other / neighbour / WHOEVER to get you another woollen blanket.
- Wake up. Decide you've got to eat. Swallow two painkillers. Stagger back to bed.
- Wake up again (a little later). Eat two dry biscuits. Ok, just one and a half then. Go back to sleep.
- Wake up (fx in time to kiss your kids goodnight). Eat one slice of bread. Go to bed. Lay awake most of the night, but have no strength to go elsewhere.
- Finally. Wake up. Headache should be slightly easened by now, fever's gone.
- For want of something better to do, find the scales. Notice how you've lost 4 kilos (8 pounds?) in two days. Smile bravely as you stagger back - no, not to bed, but to the couch.
- etc. etc. (And what with all the shivering and knocking your teeth and elbows etc. together, your muscle mass isn't what's gone missing...)

if you're more into fun exercise, look here, here and here!

* Only if in public transport or being driven...


Devil Mood said...

lol I hope you're feeling better, with or without the 4 kilos. :)

Violet said...

It's all water loss, and it'll come back soon after you get better. So get well soon and don't go shopping for new, tight jeans until after your body's back to normal.

Timo said...

Get well soon! Miss your MSNing!!

Claire said...

I hope you feel better soon!

"D" said...

oh dear! If I were there I'd bring you hot healthy soup and lots of crackers and seltzer.. poor you! I just went thru something similar but I gained back the weight in like, 2.5 seconds. Sigh.

Riannan said...

Sounds like even less fun than the other "fun exercises". Hard to believe.
Hope you're feeling better.

Anonymous said...

Ooh, no - get better soon. Being ill is no fun.