25 October 2006

Hobbies, we all have them, some of us have more time than others to induldge in them, but we still have them

It's not that late for a Tuesday tale, really, it's still Tuesday in, say, Hawaii... So, here we go :)

What is your hobby?
There are a few... Blogging, obviously, since last year some time. And singing, I'm in a choir (octet, rather) again. And learning languages, i.e. Greek, the past few years. I'm supposed to be playing football (= soccer) too, but training's exactly when everyone else is training in this family, and, well, I'm lazy. Sue me...

How have your hobbies changed over the years?
Well, I've moved from choir to choir, moved to more advanced Greek classes, started and stopped going to football practice and started a few more blogs...

Is there something else you want to learn to do?
Definitely. I'd love to learn Portuguese. And webdesign & html. I wouldn't mind learning proper photography or drawing either, but I'm not really artistically blessed when it comes to form and colour..

How did you get into your hobby?
Which one?
Well, I've been singing since forever, as I just told you. As for blogging, I started reading Børge's blog as soon as he started it, then Josh & Josh's blog, as soon as I discovered it, and Rarity's blog, as soon as she told me about it. She also told me I might as well start my own, so I did.. And the Greek? Well, if you're really interested, there's some explaining here. Jakob asked why I still go to classes - "you already speak Greek", he says - but no, I'm far from fluent, and it's really annoying when I speak it and I have to leave all the verb endings pending, for someone else to fill out, 'cause I'm never quite sure what to put there..

Do you have pictures that show you doing or the results of your hobby?
Is the pope catholic? This one's of me practicing my part in rehearsal. (Incidentally, it's also of my classmates in Greek class, listening to my unfinished sentences..)

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