17 October 2006

Family. We all have them. Big, Small, in between. Tell me about yours

So, maybe I just need a little push. Maybe it's just that the new look on my blog fills me with such peace I can't muster the strength to lift my fingers to the keys. Anyways, a little Tuesday tale...

Tell me about your immediate family
Well, there's me, hubby, Jakob and the quads. (Jakob & the Quads sounds like a rock band, like Bob Marley & the Wailers...) Hubby's got two parents, I've got four... I've also got a sister, she's got a husband and three kids. Hubby's got one twin sister (with husband and three kids) and one brother (with wife and four kids). None of our grandparents live. But there are quite a few aunts, uncles and cousins around. Oh, they're not immediate...?

Do you have family get togethers or reunions?
Not really. Nothing annual. Or planned. But we try to get together for birthdays, in the holidays etc.

Is there a black sheep? Who?
Actually, we're kind of a boring family. Can't really think of a black sheep. Unless it's me, of course, spending too much time on blogging and too little on everything else... Come to think of it, though, my great uncle used to own a black sheep. Does that count at all?

Tell me about your fav family function memory
Hmmm. There's been quite a few nice get-togethers. But my favourite... Well, one of the more recent ones - my sister's wedding, after I'd held my maid-of-honour speech... And then, last year, hubby's mum celebrated xx years, and the whole family - 20 of us - went together to Crete. As you can imagine, I quite liked that...

Tell me about your least favourite family function memory
You'd think it'd be a funeral... But family funerals - and so far this has been restricted to old members of the family - albeit sad, they tend to turn into rather nice family gatherings. Oh, but I remember my least favourite family function very well. Not sure I ought to elaborate. Ok... It was a Christmas party. With very little merriment, as it turned out. Someone decided she hadn't had enough attention and blurted out all she had to say about everyone. Which wasn't little. And no, it wasn't me. But I remember my sister and me leaving early...

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Riannan said...

No. Having a black sheep doesn't count. You'll have to start misbehaving seriously if you want to be a real black sheep. Work on it, please.