09 September 2006

25 years ago today!

According to our sources (a cartoonist's calendar), today marks the exact 25 year-anniversary for one extraordinary event - Norway beat England at football for the first time! The Norwegian commentator - even more than the rest of an ecstatic nation - went completely berserk. These are his exact words (in Norwegian...):

And if needs should be... A
translation of sorts here. It was, of course, a great day, a day to be remembered. And even though I'm an England fan at heart, this piece of commentary is worth remembering! (More match facts here and you can hear a clip right here.) Posted by Picasa

In 2002 The Observer voted it best sports commentary ever! If only everyone would be this enthusiastic about their work...

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Devil Mood said...

lol yes, that's quite enthusiastic! I didn't know it was such a famous quote.
It's nice that people remember it because more and more memories are short and people don't care about the past.