20 September 2006

Four's company, three's ... lonely

This morning Thomas stayed at the house. They've all got slight colds these days (hubby's worst off - he's actually stayed at home two days, something he never does..), but Thomas is coughing more than the rest, still slightly asthmatic and takes longer to get well.

So, the usually unproblematic "morning delivery" suddenly brought Mathias to his classroom alone. That is - Anna and Filip were in the next room, doors between open, and some of his class mates were there. But he couldn't have felt lonelier if I'd set him off on a different planet.

"I'll be so scared alone", he said. I thought he meant in the cloakroom, and stayed behind for a minute. But he continued "at break".

I tried comforting him with how all first grades have breaks together, and that Wednesdays they even all go for a hike in the woods together, but he was inconsolable. Eventually I had to leave, while he was crying his little heart out, and the assistant (bless her!) was holding him back...

(Hubby went to get him early, as he had clearly been missing Thomas so. Mathias was utterly bewildered, though. "Why do I have to go home so soon?" Sigh... Photo from Just4twins, who have their own quad line!)

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Mom said...

What an absolutely heartbreaking story! I can see my little friend feeling totally lost, after all, there were ALWAYS somebody else around. I have been "crying my eyes out" for Mathias. Don't ever leave him on a planet of his own again - I'll watch you!

Mom - and Granny

Devil Mood said...

He must feel really strange being without his siblings. But it's also a great developmental opportunity, if there's no other option. Poor little guy though :)