18 September 2006

Incessant curiosity

A middle-aged couple stopped and commented at me taking this photograph on my way to work this morning. I found it intriguing they'd used rows of inner doors instead of windows (as you can see) - the couple found it intriguing I had looked up and noticed... This afternoon I started Greek classes again. The undying curiosity, could I possibly learn Greek properly one day? I thought there wouldn't be any - there are only 5 of us at advanced level - but they decided they'd go through with it. One of the other pupils is my dad, we've been taken these classes together on and off for years, it's very nice meeting out of the family circle as it were. Two other guys we've also had classes with several times before. One of them has an apartment in Rethymnon and a cabin on Gavdos. *sigh* Now, the last one, a woman, I've never seen before. Apparently she was Norwegian, but she had a Greek name and spoke with an unmistakable Cretan accent. *double sigh*

Now, when will I be going back home?


Chloe said...

good luck with the classes. i can help with homework!

Devil Mood said...

That's a funny building. I get embarrassed of taking photos in the street because people stare and think I'm a tourist.
I'd love to learn greek but I think it would take me a year just to get used to the alphabet.