26 September 2006

One of those

I was going to steal this from Cathy. Now it turns out I've waited so long I'm stealing it from Chloe too...

1. A Cuddler? Definitely. As long as I'm not with strangers.
2. A morning person? "Only dull people are brilliant at breakfast"
3. Are you a perfectionist? About things I do myself, quite a bit. Not so much others, unless it involves grammar or spelling...
4. An only child? I have an older sister, who claims I'm like an older sister to her...
5. Catholic? No.
6. In your pajamas? No. I'm working from home, but still...
7. Currently suffering from a broken heart? No, unless hubby has something he's not telling me..
8. Okay styling other people's hair? No. I cut my boys' hair, they're ok, but I never quite get the hang of Anna's plaits etc. (My own's a story all to itself...)
9. Left handed? No, 'fraid not. (Think I'd been rather more artistic if I were...)
10. Addicted to MySpace? Visited once, I think, never needed it.
11. Shy around the opposite gender? No. I'm shyer around really girly girls. What are they on? 12. Loud? I can be!

12. Bite your nails? No. My sister had to bite mine though, one summer we'd forgotten to bring the nail scissors on holidays. She had long experience biting nails and took the job...
13. Get paranoid at times? Nope.
14. Currently regret something that you have said/done? No. I only regret things I haven't done.
15. Curse frequently when you get mad? I don't curse. But I do get mad...
16. Enjoy country music? Sometimes.
17. Enjoy jazz music? All the time.
18. Enjoy smoothies? On occasion, if served me.
19. Enjoy talking on the phone? I used to love it. Now I'd rather msn people...
20. Have a lot to learn? Luckily, yes! I love learning new things.
21. Have a pet? I've got 5 kids. nuff said.
22. Have a tendency to fall for the "wrong" person? No.
23. Have all your grandparents died? Yes. My "last" grandfather died last year, aged 96.
24. Have at least one sibling? Yes
25. Have been told that you are smart? Yes. And stupid.
26. Have had a broken bone? My nose. Twice.
27. Have Caller I.D. on your phone? Yes. Phones don't come without these days. I answer all calls regardless...

28. Changed a diaper? No. Of course not. Hubby gladly did all 20+ daily diaper changes for the quads all by himself...
29. Changed a lot over the past year? I don't think so.
30. Had friends who have never seen your natural hair color? No.
31. Had surgery? Just the caesarean. And the five follow-up ops to finally make the stitching hold and the infection to go away... (That was the quads - Jakob was born naturally, luckily. I'd rather have had 4 more natural births...)
32. Killed anyone? Not IRL. On paper, though...
33. Had your hair cut within the last week? No. I cut it myself when despair hits.

1. Slept in the bed beside you? hubby.
2. Saw you cry? Jakob, I think.
3. Went to the movies with you? Honestly can't remember... But hubby & I are going to the movies with another couple this week. If we can find a baby-sitter, that is...
4. You went to the mall with? hubby. He actually likes shopping. Better than I do..
5. You went to dinner with? hubby. This summer. To a Greek restaurant in Norway where the waiters were ecstatic about meeting "a fellow countryman" just because I threw in a few Greek phrases... It was good fun, though :)
6. You talked to on the phone? My brother. Or "brother", as it were...
7. Said 'I love you' to you and meant it? hubby. And all the kids last night at bedtime.
8. Broke your heart? Noone. Ever. I don't think.
9. Made you laugh? My friend S. On msn. He's hilarious!

1. Pierce your nose or tongue? Why choose?
2. Be serious or be funny? Funny. I can't do serious.
3. Drink whole or skimmed milk? Skimmed milk. Not that it helps...
4. Die in a fire or drown? Drown. Also there's a greater chance, I spend more time in the water than around fires...
5. Spend time with your parents or enemies? Parents of course! Plus I don't think I've got any enemies. Or was that enemas...?

1. What time is it? 18.00 (= 6:00 PM)
2. Name? Scholiast
3. Nickname(s)? Scholi.. Also "little wolf" "old eagle" "little poppy" etc. among friends...
4. Where were you born? Svolvær, Lofoten.
5. What is your birthdate? November 2nd.
6. What do you want? TIME. And a house in Crete. At least somewhere to rent in the summer that'll fit all 7 of us... (Somewhere like this...)
7. Where do you want to live? Boringly, I think - right here. But half the year or so in Greece..
8. How many kids do you want? I think we've pretty much detonated our baby bomb by now...


Cathy said...

Great list! Very amusing, too:)

Violet said...

I really like the Greek Islands, including Crete which is great because it's not entirely touristy. What a good meme; I'll steal it when I've got the time to fill it in.

Merujo said...

Good list - and it'll be easy to remember your birthday. Mine's the day before. :-)