24 September 2006

Class of '81

Some of us have kept in touch after school, first with the unavoidable Christmas cards, later with occasional text messages and e-mails. When I was still single I'd be home at least once a year, after the quads we've all been there once, I was once more - on a junior high school reunion.

But yesterday a childhood friend, J, came by. She was down south for a work seminar.
You can see us both in this photo, along with the rest of a clearly pastel influenced bunch of pre-teens...

I was thinking about old days and feeling rather nostalgic driving down to get her from the boat. The radio somehow picked up my vibes, and suddenly Kiss' "I was made for loving you" came on. It was THE hit in our class the year this photo was taken. I was screaming along at the top of my lungs! And suddenly I felt like I was 12. Away with my class for a week at a school camp, staying up past curfew to "collect" goodnight hugs from the boys (we kept a list), listening to Kiss during daytime and the hushed whispers of the girls in my room at night.

I caught a glimpse of myself in the mirror, backing up the car to park. I could see the 12-year-old still lurking.

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