28 September 2006

A meme I'd like to see!

There are so many interesting people in this world! I've been lucky enough to meet quite a few. But I haven't stopped. It's just that you've got to wade through a bunch of indifferent individuals to find them. So I've invented a checklist that I'll go through with someone before deciding if I should spend any more time on them (or their blogs, as might also apply...). In no particular order.

- do you understand the concept of irony?
- would you like to visit / have you already visited other countries?
- can you be passionate about things like music, sports, books? (And I do mean passionate, as in screaming and biting your nails off / getting goosebumps etc. - NOT as in "I kind of like this...")
- do you read / listen to books etc.?
- would you like to learn / have you already learnt another language?
- can little things amuse you as much as (or more than) a television snippet?
- do you spend a lot of time on the internet?

- do you enjoy lengthy political discussions, even if you basically agree with someone?
- are other countries overrated?
- things like puns and subtle meanings are a drag, right?
- do you think people who engage in things like music, sports, books have too little to do?
- is your best time of day watching sitcoms?
- everyone in the world should talk [fill in mother tongue] only.
- do you spend a lot of time on the internet?

For those who wonder about the rather similar last questions of each section - see first question.. And no, I'd probably not really ask anybody this. Outright.

(I'm lunching all alone in my home office, right? So I get to blog. Therefore I am...)


"D" said...

raising my cup of hot chocolate to you! You are so funny - I've been chuckling while catching up on your posts... "I think we finally detonated our baby bomb"? HA!

Riannan said...

After all, you only have so much time to spend on others. Might as well interview to see which ones it should be.
I agree with your questions, btw.

Chloe said...

we must print these out and have them handy when we meet potential friends. Like a pre-nup?!

Devil Mood said...

We are definitely alike :)
But I do enjoy sitcoms, not all of them...but I do.

Anonymous said...

This is a great list! Off now to run prospective links throught your meme....

Mistress Regina said...
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Mistress Regina said...

Your collection is well thought and would be meaningful if it were truly a way people chose to live.

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