26 September 2006

Blogger acting up...

Blogger is strangling me. Seriously.
It's obvious that Blogger as we know it is about to die.

Upload a photo? "Page cannot be found"
Save as draft? "Page cannot be found"
Publish? "0%, 0%, 0% ... Page cannot be found"
etc. etc. (It will do all of this eventually, but not before I've almost broken # 15 in that last post...)

Sounds familiar? Well, that's how it's been for me lately, anyway. It's annoying. To say the least.

Now, the new Blogger in beta is supposed to be so much better. And I've got that button saying "Sign in to the Blogger in beta". And I've logged in, even made a new blog, in beta. Hurrah and all that.

But I'd rather move this blog to beta. Supposedly, that's possible. Upgrading, somehow. I've seen it done elsewhere, obviously not been able to make myself clear about what I needed to learn, though... So, here's to hoping -

- Can one move an old blogger blog to beta?
- if so, how?
- is having said "beta button" enough, or should it say something like "upgrade existing blog" somewhere too?
- and if it's not possible - could someone please tell blogger to behave...?
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Devil Mood said...

Good luck with that. I hate them both: blogger and beta, the last one because it won't let me sign in :P

Anonymous said...

I suggest beta too, it's more reliable! I you don't even have to worry about it you just move your old blog to beta with 1 singel click! Do it, do it now! Nice blog!


Riannan said...

Typepad misbehaves too, but at least we're not moving.

Good luck.

P.S. Loved your answers to the questions in the previous post.