11 September 2006


I wasn't going to blog about this date. But how could I not?

5 years ago, on this day, I was home minding the kids. Hadn't watched any news or listened to the radio or turned on my computer all day. Some time I managed to leave the kids to themselves and call my cousin, whose birthday it is today - and was then too, of course. She told me thanks, and I'd better turn on my tv. So I did, and was just in time - if that was a good thing - to watch the second tower fall down.

I was thinking about a couple of friends in New York. I was thinking about the people falling / jumping off the towers. But I was mostly thinking that Bruce Willis ought to show up and rescue the world right about now. He didn't.

On the news today (in addition to all the programmes about 9/11), there was a report from Sweden, about how the politicians needed armed police guards with them at all times. They hadn't started that 5 years ago, though, but since 9/11 - 2003, when a Swedish minister was assassinated at a shopping centre.

The world's moving in on us. But yesterday I saw one of the Norwegian cabinet ministers on the street. Noone else around, obviously no security people with him. I saw the Prime Minister the other week, he did have two security guards right behind him although they could hardly keep up with him on his bike.. And today I saw another minister, going to work, apparently. Pinstripe suit a little unusual (we're a very casual nation), otherwise he looked like the guy next door. And again, no security around.

Police in Norway aren't even armed. Hopefully, we can keep it that way a little while longer.

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Marina Grace said...

Wow! They don't have guns??? That seems so... soo... what's the word? Trusting!

What a lovely place it must be where you live.