15 September 2006

Put pen to pencil! As someone once said...

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Jakob describes Greece - Portugal, 3-1 (and 83 minutes played). As you can see, in detail, Nikopolidis (oh yes, he's big in our house, they're always fighting to be Nikopolidis if they're goalkeeping!) is very pleased about the save whereas the hitherto unnamed Portuguese is not...
Filip is only slightly influenced by his oldest brother, as you can see... But it's a different game - VĂ¥lerenga (Norwegian premier league) plays England (sic!) and even though Paul Harrison saves, the VĂ¥lerenga player doesn't seem too disappointed...
Another rip-off - but in his own style! - Mathias' football match. And this one, Liverpool's Peter Crouch, does score. Against whom, he didn't say. (Mathias, that is, not Crouchie...)
Thomas is very eager to play football, not quite so eager to draw it. But here's himself, and a four-legged statue on a colourful carpet, and lots of writing! (And how did you guess his dad's a big Toto fan...?)

The drawings were all addressed to me, which does something to a mother's heart...

Anna was enjoying our babysitter's attention - a 16-year-old friend - to the full last night, and didn't make any drawings..

- The babysitting was due to PTA meeting in all first grades last night. We've got kids in 2 classes, so naturally there were 2 of us going!

The meetings apart, I was most fascinated by the "class rules". They go "we shall be nice to eachother", "we shall not make fun of others" etc. - stuff you might guess. But no. 3 is my definite favourite:

"we shall not bite or strangle eachother"

Wonder if the class or the teacher came up with that one?

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kimananda said...

"we shall not bite or strangle eachother"

Whoever came up with it, it's a very good rule! Perhaps I should be introducing such a rule in my classes as well...as a preventative measure, of course.