22 September 2006


This is now, at home in Lofoten. It's cold, but impossibly beautiful.

Down here it's another humid, grey day, but with images like these... I can dream, can't I?


Mum said...

Continue dreaming, --- another possibility might be a visit to your "hometown"! The weather is exactly like that, and with three soroptimist friends I am going on a tour in this beautiful scenery almost all day: 270 kilometres - to Narvik.
Have a nice week-end ... don't you forget to take care of Mathias (see: "Four is company....")
Love, Mum

"D" said...

WOW! How lovely!... I'll dream of it too!

Merujo said...

Oh my gosh, how gorgeous is that? It looks almost fake, it's so pretty.

Cool. Someday, I really need to visit Norway.